vanline movers van lines

Of the four national van lines, vanline movers van lines are generally recognized as being fastest growing and most stable Van Line. Figures produced by an outside consulting firm put us in the forefront of our industry. vanline movers’ 35% market-share of domestic van line moves positions us as the industry leader. Furthermore, we have moved a position of domination with approximately 42% of the corporate market. Our expertise in handling 45% of van line moves to and from Canada and the United States has also earned us first place honors in this fast growing business segment. With our North American network and our International Division’s global affiliates, we are able to provide comprehensive door to door service anywhere in the world.

vanline movers van lines currently have approximately 170 full service agents with locations in every state in the country. vanline movers differs to a major degree from its competitors in its approach to agent/van line relationships. Our emphasis on forming solid partnerships has earned us a reputation as being “The Agents’ Van Line”, a title that makes us proud. We truly believe that a Van Line can only be successful if our agents are able to achieve their full potential. We have also dedicated significant resources to seeking out at the customer wants from our industry. Customer surveys, focus groups and forums are just a few of the ways that we use to reach the customer to properly assess their needs and obtain their opinion on what is required to gain their business loyalty. By listening to both our customers and our agents, we gain valuable insight that has resulted in a wide range of initiatives including our emphasis on quality control through training and ongoing evaluation.

At least 6-8 weeks prior to your move, contact your local vanline movers van lines agent to arrange for a free, no obligation in-home survey and cost estimate. Remember, if you are moving during the peak summer period, the earlier you make your arrangements, the more likely it will be that the moving company can accommodate your preferred scheduling. Allow at least one hour for this in-home visit so that there will be enough time to outline your specific requirements and to allow the consultant to do the room-by-room walk-through. Be sure to point out items of special value or concern. Remember your vanline movers moving consultant is specially trained. He/she will present all of the available service options to meet your needs and will help you choose the ones that fit into your budget. Ask your vanline movers moving consultant for a copy of our ” Civilian Customer Rights and Responsibilities” booklet that clearly explains the “who, what, how and why” of moving.