Vanline Movers California

Getting access to the top class quotes offered by a van line is as easy as 1-2-3. Look no further if you are searching for packing and relocation services in California. We can be your sought-after destination for top class moving, relocation, and storage services that save you a lot of time, energy and money. Experience the ease and pleasure of availing the best packing, relocation and storage services offered by Vanline Movers California from the convenience of your home as you save a fabulous sum. We are a leading provider of packing, storage and relocation services in California. There’s no hyperbole if we say that your search for the most competitive van line ends with us.

Discover how pleasant it is to avail a service from us and you will count on us for all your needs Exceptional Customer Service ranks high amongst our list of things to provide our customers. From honesty, revealing all there is needed to know regarding your local move or long distance move, Customer Service will assist you. We have specially trained Customer Advocates that know and understand what it means to deal with a moving company. As Customer Advocates, our Customer Service personnel work for you, the customer. They are here to assist you with any questions, whether it deals with packing of delicate items, linen or any of your packing needs. The Customer Advocate will also arrange your box deliveries and any other pre-move arrangements you need assistance with.

Vanline Movers California Customer Service Advocates are fully knowledgeable regarding the value of household goods and will assist and direct you regarding the proper packing procedures for your goods. We also direct you to Baker International Insurance Company, so that you may obtain full replacement insurance coverage for all of your household goods. With the lowest premiums, Baker International Insurance Company responds to claims very quickly and efficiently. Also, our Customer Advocates will assist you in obtaining information from your homeowner’s policy so that they can cover your household goods while in transit. Customer Service addresses all of claims, complaints and service issues promptly within 30 days, upon receipt of a written request. Customer Service is proud of its close relationship with the Better Business Bureau and resolution of our customer’s concerns. As you know, the Better Business Bureau is designed to help you resolve any complaints you may have with any company, and Customer Service appreciates that customer satisfaction is our number one priority.