Shipping container

Shipping containerShipping container help protect delicate and fragile products, like produce, from the field through the warehouse or distribution center, all the way until they reach the merchant’s shelves. you’re sure the product stays stem-perfect from the field to the store. Your profits stay high because the product can be handled quickly in a smooth, protective container that offers good stability and excellent ventilation. From field to store, This containers protect your products and your profits. Wherever you see a soft drink display or a truck loaded with sodas, it’s more than likely that those beverages are in bottle crates. With 30-plus years of experience with injection-molded crates under its belt, it is unequaled in the design and manufacture of innovative products for the beverage industry.

There are numerous reasons for the overwhelming popularity of shipping container. Handling full crates of product is heavy work.

  • Our Roll Trays feature a series of stack/nest trays for rolls, buns, tortillas and confections. Each model has a different internal height yet each tray stacks and nests with the others. Trays rotate 90 degrees to nest.
  • Other models include our multi-level roll trays and bread trays that have two stacking heights and an efficient nesting position per tray.
  • Our 16 Qt. and 24 Qt. Milk Crates are available in a large variety of styles in both steel ring or all-resin designs. Variations include heavy-duty rib-work, lighter-weight economy models, as well as standard, tall or short containers. All milk containers feature smooth interiors for improved product protection.

We have noticed an increase in the use of shipping containers as storage facilities by school districts. While these containers may appear to be quick inexpensive solutions to a district’s storage problems, they must comply with all applicable provisions of the Manual of Planning Standards .This requirement applies to all containers. The temporary or permanent use does not change the application of these safety requirements. Two areas of concern regarding the use of this type facility are the exiting and ventilation requirements. We want every container to have a louver added into one side. The louver size should be enough to aid ventilation according to what you are storing inside. If you have flammable liquids or anything else that may produce a noxious odor inside your container this louver may save a life.