Shipping Companies

Shipping CompaniesHave you been looking for some great shipping companies that are reliable and efficient apart from being prompt? Are you tired of shipping delays that cause problems in your business and your clients? Our shipping companies and transportation is dedicated to quality general and special commodities transportation services at a competitive price. Our experience ensures optimal solutions to your shipping requirements. You do not have to search for agents/brokers to book your shipping services since a lot of shipping companies are now booking direct, so can reach them directly on their websites to book or to get an online quote. But this also does not mean that booking direct is cheaper than through an agent.

The shipping companies deal with the following logistics and services. They cover multiple segments of the transportation and shipping industry, including: 

  • Common and Contract Carriers 
  • Dedicated Fleet Services 
  • Warehousing 
  • Distribution 
  • Logistics/Brokerage 
  • Hawaiian Freight Forwarding 
  • Transloading 
  • Storage Trailers 
  • Pool Consolidation 

Most of the time the rates vary from a shipping company to company. Often the rate charged by the ships’ agents includes the cost of administration. When you book direct from the website you are cutting out the travel agent, but not the commission, as it is included in the daily rate charged by the ship’s general agent. But it’s not true in all cases. Some companies do strive to make their services as cost effective and affordable as possible so that they can reach a wider group of customers. We offer shipment schedules as per your convenience at regular intervals during the day as well as night. We have an overnight delivery schedules that let you load at night and have the delivery next day, depending on the distance. Same day service is also available. This way we have established a dependable, hassle-free transportation environment for all of our customers. After all we exist because you are satisfied with our service. Get more information about our services by contacting us now or from the links on our site.