Self Storage Unit

Many storage companies are designed so that you can drive directly up to your unit and back the truck up to the door of the unit and simply unload. Some storage companies offer mobile storage options. This is where a self storage unit of a size specified by you is dropped off to your home and you pack up your items in to this unit and the storage companies comes and collects it on an agreed upon date, usually a few days after dropping it off. The storage company may also offer a packing and loading service where workers come to your home or office and pack up all the items professionally and load up the trailer, you then lock the trailer using your own lock and the storage company moves it to the storage destination. This service offers even more convenience with the added advantage that your goods are packed up correctly which may prevent damage and the space in the trailer usage is optimized due to proper loading.

Self storage unit is common for people who pack up trailers themselves to run out of space due to poor packing and loading. Generally however you are responsible for packing up the trailer securely and safely and locking the unit with your own lock. This offers greater security. The storage company collects the trailer and drops it in to a designated storage unit at their location. The big advantage is convenience. You do not need to go to the hassle of renting a truck and you will have plenty of time to load the unit yourself or can use the storage company’s workers if this service if offered. Some thing to consider when looking at the mobile storage unit option include. The storage container should be moved to a storage unit when it is loaded. It cannot remain at the home or office location indefinitely, in fact most storage companies will insist on the trailer being moved as soon as possible after loading.

Insurance companies may not be willing to insure your goods in storage if you pack up the goods yourself so it may be better to allow the experts in the storage company to pack up items .There are many reasons why people need to store goods away for a period of time to be used at a later date. In today’s world people like as little clutter as possible in their homes. What better way to remove this clutter and still hold on to your valued possessions than self storage. Self storage offers a safe, secure and clean environment to store your goods. Most self storage unit offer climate controlled options to store such environmentally sensitive items as books and fur coats. Books and all paper products are highly sensitive to high humidity levels and furs generally nee to be stored in the cold to prevent fur degradation. Couple all of these with sound pest control programs and you are talking with the standard service warehouse offer today.