Scam Movers

With so many companies venturing into the moving business, its difficult to differentiate between the genuine and the farce movers. Not checking the license and credibility of a moving company can put your belongings and life into danger too. Remember that you can avoid this kind of an anxiety by doing your homework and research before hiring a moving company. Always go in for a popular and established company that is licensed and registered to run the business. Whether you are moving locally within the state or city, or moving internationally checking licenses is important. It takes no time to do it and saves a lot of trouble in future too.

Scam MoversAll moving companies are not corrupt and their working process should not be compared with scam movers. If you spend a bit of your time in checking the background of a company through some research, reviews, and conversations with others who have already hired a company, then you should trust a mover. Scam Movers operate without insurance or authority, but many movers do have insurance and a license. The DOT is always checking for moving companies without license or insurance and will cancel the operating authority of any company that does not have moving insurance.

You can avoid movers all together and save yourself from scam movers by considering some of these alternatives to a moving company:

1) Do it yourself or self-move are helpful and can save you money and time too. However the challenge here is packing, hauling, and storing.
2) You can have friends and relatives help you, but that’s not a very dependable solution either

So not every solution is free from a demerit, the best solution is to do your homework, by checking moving company references, getting referrals from family members or friends. You should also make sure that you have a complete list of items once you pack everything and not a moment before. Many customers will ask for a moving quote and have packed anything; hence your price will increase once the moving company picks up your household goods. After you have done this, you can request a binding quote for the list of items you are moving. You can also double check a company through the Department of Transportation. So you can now avoid Scam movers and take our advice.