Rental Moving Vans

Before you hire Rental Moving Vans you must know what specific details you will need to check for in a van. Unless the van you are hiring is not in a perfect condition, your move will not be smooth. Most van lines, rent out vans that are not maintained properly and that are not fuel economic, due to which you’ll end up fixing the van instead of moving. Our Rental Moving Vans are all in excellent condition and best suited for long distance moving. Not only are they spacious but all sturdy enough to carry any type of bulky household item.

We have trained drivers who will take you to your destination safely. You have the option of driving on your own too. Make sure you follow are driving checklist, which tells you about loading and unloading goods. It also specifies what types of goods are not suitable for loading, along with other goods. Without these user instructions you may face several problems, during the drive and after reaching. In order make your drive a successful one, ensure you prepare yourself before hand and follow our instructions in the guide properly. Remember that since you are driving you may encounter several problems on the way, since you are not experienced in such drives. It best you hire an experienced driver.

But that still doesn’t mean our trucks are not equipped for do-it-yourself moving. We have the specifically designed vans for the do-it-yourself household mover. Our household moving vans get you to your new home safely, easily and comfortably, and at a low cost. Our vans are high enough to hold all your apartment’s goods. We have vans with a capacity of holding furniture up to a 7 bedroom home. You can choose from a range of vans of different capacities. Our specially designed vans will save your from the wear and tear of the goods, which would happen if you do it in ordinary vans.

Our vans have low decks that will make the loading and unloading easier. Apart from that the generous floor space lets to load a lot of goods in one trip. That way you save a lot of cost in fewer trips. We have specifically designed ladders and ramps that make the loading much easier compared to that hauling that usually cause scratches to your items. Get in touch with us for more details and a price quote. There are couple of services we provide free with your booking, such as some of the packing material, for certain specific items. Get in touch with us now to book your van!