Record storage

Record storageMore and more people and business today are opting paperless solutions to the storage of their records. But if the storage just means storing files than storage needs no physical space. If you need space to store boxes and goods, where do you go? Well you have come to the best site for records storage. We offer you a service that allows you to store boxes and cartons of varying sizes for a small monthly fee. You can now clear the space at your home and office with the stuff you rarely use. We also provide you the pick-up and delivery services. This service is well organized and well maintained. Storing your records this way is simple and safe and cost effective too. The stores boxes can be retrieved from storage by submitting an online request and getting the authorization to retrieving, by providing the require proof of ownership. We will provide you all the guidelines after you have decided to store your records with us.

Apart from storage we also provide the shredding services. All the records you do not need can be shredded by our staff in your presence and through your authorization. You can storage records for a specific period of time or for specific business purposes. The retrieval of records is allowed anytime starting from the next business day. You ill be contact at the expiry of the storage period. You can renew you storage time, recycle you stuff or destroy them, whatever suits you’re the best.

We have some best personnel on the job that ensure your records are safe and your access to them s easy and hassle free. You can create any number of Records Storage Accounts, as you need to maintain and manage your records. If you business is a small one, you may just need to create only one generic account with a generic name. However, for a large unit with separate work groups with specific functions, you may want to create multiple accounts such as financial records, research records, etc. This is very helpful for domain managers such as, account managers to limit access to information about stored records. He/She may also restrict the authority to retrieve stored records to only those whose work responsibilities relate to the contents of the boxes. Call us or mail us for more specific information. We have qualified staff to answer al your queries about record storage.