Picking Professional Movers

Picking Professional Movers is an independent professional moving company totally committed to providing our customers with top quality furniture moving, piano moving, antique moving, packing, hoisting, and storage services. We offer local and long-distance moving services. Our movers have to be so adept at good moving technique, hoisting, and problem solving that they are journeymen / master movers. We equips all of our crews with late model trucks, clean pads, special covers and the latest and best moving and storage equipment available, including rug protectors and special mats to protect newly varnished hard wood floors. 

Picking Professional MoversOne reason so many people consider Picking Professional Movers to be the best mover is the attitude of the management. We consider residential household goods moving and commercial/ office furniture relocation to be just as much a skilled-labor trade as the plumbing, electrical, and carpentry trades. Unskilled laborers cannot possibly be good piano or antiques movers movers of this calibre have to be very highly-trained and experienced. So we employ only the best, well-trained, skilled, and courteous professional people that we can find. Many, many of our customers have contacted us after their move has been completed to tell us that we provided them with the friendliest, most helpful and most professional movers they could have hoped to have do their job.

Picking Professional Movers provide customized, high quality service together with the lowest possible rates. Our safe, convenient and reliable service provides quick pick up and delivery from your door to the pier. picking professional movers can be a fairly involved process. You certainly don’t want to close your eyes and point to a moving company in the yellow pages. You’ll want to research moving companies that offer services you need and then make an informed decision. You are trusting our professional movers with valuable items from your home or office. In some cases you’ll be trusting us with your car or with antiques that have been in the family for years. We offer all kinds of services and specialization in certain services is key in finding the right moving company.