Pianos Movers

Pianos movers provide professional movers across the country and around the world. All types of pianos moved with care and consideration. Once you’ve found a piano and buy it you will need to find someone to move it for you. You need a removal firm that is experienced in moving pianos otherwise your piano may be damaged. We are very experienced in moving pianos. We are capable of moving uprights and grands. We are also Familiar with most makes of pianos, we have fast turn around times and do not necessarily wait for other loads to make up the journey. In order to reduce costs on many of the straightforward moves, clients might just wish to provide a degree of assistance to load/unload at either or both ends of the journey. This is merely an option and carefully co-ordinated by these movers experienced drivers.

Pianos MoversPianos movers service is fully insured and makes use of all the standard removal equipment. We have experience in all aspects of piano moving for private customers, trade, organisations, T.V. film and theatre and manufacturers. We are specialising in the safe transportation of upright and grand pianos. We are therefore flexible and professional in ensuring that your instrument is carefully in line with your timescales. We are familiar with all makes and models and the implications of each removal by using the appropriate equipment and manpower. If you care for your piano use the experts. Please Call for a competitive quotation or to discuss your requirements.

Pianos movers offer customers an efficient and professional removal service at competitive rates. Acoustical pianos are quite heavy, but at the same time extremely fragile instruments in fine cabinetry. In order to be relocated unscathed, pianos require highly-skilled, very experienced moving personnel. Upright pianos require one set of piano moving techniques, grand pianos require another. The only way a mover can learn to be a good piano mover, moving pianos without damages, is to be trained on the job over a long period of time by experienced piano movers. We move pianos alone or as part of a residential household goods move. Whenever pianos are present we always utilize our movers who are highly experienced in piano moving. We specializes in locating, reconditioning, moving, and selling exquisite grand pianos at reasonable prices.