Pianos mover

There are many ways you can find out about pianos movers, which include word-of-mouth referral from another piano owners or from your own piano technician. You can also get good information from a piano dealer. We are the pianos movers who move only pianos, and not all kinds of household goods we specialize in piano moving for years now. Since piano moving requires specialized knowledge and equipment to do it properly, go in for a specialist. Most pianos movers have a large fleet of van lines and have a proper license to ship heavy loads across the provinces and state lines. We have the proper equipment and carry enough insurance to cover several pianos moved at once. Smaller piano moving companies arrange these moves by contracting the larger van lines.

Our charges include insurance and cartage. We pack the pianos in piano blanket wrapped and strapped to the side of the trailer. Sometimes if you move only the piano you have to wait upto 2 weeks to ship it because some movers won’t ship until the trailer going to your destination is full. This can take up to 2 weeks from the time of the booking, however with us you do not have to wait for 2 weeks cos we carry shipments everyday. We charge cartage fee are based on weight and distance. It is always best to move your piano along with your entire contents of your house than to move the piano alone, because you’ll be paying the same charges for the one item or ten items. Also, when the truck will be at capacity, the move can be scheduled faster. Always remember to take care of a few points before you ship your piano. Take detailed photographs of the piano. These will be a proof in case any damage is done to the piano during the move. Always remember to insure the piano for its full replacement value.

It always helps to check the piano thoroughly for any visible damage and make note of any visible damage on the delivery receipt before you sign it. You do not have to go into the details of the shipment, we have contracts with the fright forwarders > we will give you the details of what steamship line your goods will take, what port they will leave from, the container number, dates of departure and arrival, and ports of call on the way. We make the difficult task an easy one for you, if it’s a country-to-country move. Compare the services and rates from the other pianos movers and decide. We offer free online quotes and moving tips so that you are informed before you ship your precious piano.