Piano movers

Are you searching for reliable and experienced piano movers in US, UK and Canada? Then you can trust us, we are a network of efficient piano movers, with offices across United States, UK and Canada. Trust piano movers for piano moving, piano storage and piano refurbishing needs for a flawless and prompt move! Most people are not well equipped to handle large and heave instruments like a piano, however well built you may be, wrestling with large pieces of equipment single-handedly is not an easy task. The best option for you is to find some good piano movers and check on their services. We are the piano moving dealers since a number of years now, we provide you the right estimate once we know the route your machine has to take in order to be moved to a new location.

Piano moving includes using a ramp and rollers, and careful handling techniques. If the entrances are more treacherous (down winding, narrow, wooden stairs for example) some movers may charge more. To be on the safe side and understand how much the move will cost you check with the dealer before hand and be very honest about the route it’s going to take. The piano movers will know how to do their job well, once they know about the model of your piano whether they can dismantle into relatively easy-to-move pieces. Most movers charge separately for every bit of service they provide, for example dismantling and again setting it up may cost you separately. But we give you a consolidated estimate and we do not believe in charging unreasonable just because this service requires special skill and equipment.

A professional machinery mover will move it easily because they are used to dealing with big companies moving entire shops. Some may charge a lot for one machine. Most piano movers may be found listed under ‘Machinery Movers’ in the Yellow Pages. Piano movers are used to dealing with single pieces, and will frequently move things more carefully (both in terms of the piece, and your households) than other movers. We are absolutely professional and prompt. Just imagine doing this job all-alone, you’ll require a lot of research, you must know the details of dismantling or fixing. You’ll need a crane, and machinery rollers at a minimum. The hassle is too much if you do not know whom to ask for help. So get in touch with piano movers now!