Last Minute Move

It takes a lot to make successful last minute move. There are certain aspects that have to be taken into account while planning last minute move. First of all, let’s talk about packing. Packing is usually charged per box for material and labor. You can save a great deal of money and also time by packing yourself. It can be quite an undertaking so we recommend allowing plenty of time to accomplish it. Ask your moving company for packing tips. Many movers have brochures available. If you are unsure of your packing ability it’s best to let the mover pack, at least the breakables if not all. Never pack jewelry, cash, high value items, flammables or combustibles as those objects are more prone to damage.

You can eliminate the appliance service charge by disconnecting the washer, dryer and icemaker before the mover arrives. All the hoses should be removed from the back of the washer and the tub secured with Styrofoam blocks to prevent it from moving during transit. The dryer hose should be completely removed. We would like to request not to drag appliances away from the wall as the feet of the appliance may tear or gouge the floor. You will be charge for a stair carry (a per pound price) if you have more than 8 outside steps. Stair carries do not apply inside a single family home. A long carry charge (a per pound price) will apple for every 50 feet from your door to the truck, the first 75 feet are free. You will be charged additionally if an elevator is used. So your cost-cutting measure has to be on target in your last minute move.

In order to secure your moving date and time, you are required to deposit from the total estimate which may be paid by a personal check. On your move date the driver will require a partial payment after he has loaded, and the full balance must be paid upon delivery. Payment must be made in certified funds. In Some cases an exception may be made. Nevertheless, we would like to request you to consult your relocation specialist for your last minute move. If however your employer is paying for your move please advise your moving company in advance so that they can make the proper arrangements. You have to opt for a moving company that can successfully strategize your last minute move in most hassle-free way.