Choosing a Moving Company

Your lifestyle and the distance of the move could be determining factors for Choosing a Moving Company . If your move is local, for instance, it may make more sense to handle it yourself and save hundreds of dollars. Also, consider the work involved: a houseful of wicker, for example, costs much less to move than a houseful of heavy antiques. (But paying the movers to lift that heavy armoire may be worth the price.) Moving during peak times-the usual school breaks-costs more, and homes with minimal access or apartments with lots of steps will add to the final cost. The simplest way to move is to hire professionals to pack up your household and drive away. If you do this, ask several moving companies to come to your home and give you cost estimates. The estimates are generally not binding, but some movers will give binding estimates guaranteed to be your final cost.

Choosing a Moving CompanyBefore Choosing a Moving Company Check with local consumer protection groups if you’re making a short move. If you’re moving to another state, the ICC requires the moving company to give you a document entitled “Summary of Information for Shippers of Household Goods.” It details your rights and how to protect them. If you’re moving within the state, check with the state attorney general for any regulations affecting the move. Even when you use a professional mover, there are ways to cut expenses. If possible, avoid the peak summer season. Minimize accessory charges-hooking up appliances and moving heavy furniture up more than one flight of stairs. Also, do as much of the packing as you can (leave expensive and fragile items to the movers for insurance reasons) and don’t take expendable items.

The moving company can be the difference between a smooth transition to your new home or a living hell. Choosing a moving company and making sure the move goes well requires some research and attentiveness on your part. Here are some tips to keep in mind when moving. Select and compare three well-known or recommended companies. Your comparison should include prices, services and policies. Ask the company representative for company literature (which is free), moving tips, a free estimate and references of satisfied clients. If at any point in conversation with any company regarding your move you begin to feel uneasy, or something does not sound right, ask questions. If you do not find satisfying answers, look elsewhere. If you are still not satisfied, even after explaining your concerns to the company, move on to a different company.