Choosing A Movers

Here are some quick suggestions at Choosing A Movers to help you make smart choices about how you’re going to move your family possessions to your new home. The vast majority of professional moving companies are reputable, honest, and dependable. Many are family-owned businesses who have made a long-term investment in their community, and their best source of new business is a satisfied customer. A good mover enjoys working with an informed customer. The secret is to make sure the mover you choose is a good mover. Legitimate business people have legitimate expenses, such as license, taxes, insurance, employee wages, benefits, and quality equipment. You must consider all those things when determining the price for service and so should you. Ask friends, relatives, and business colleagues about movers they have used and liked. Be careful about relying only on references provided by the mover .

Choosing A MoversTiming your move is one of the first things to consider. Try not to move during summer months, May through September. The moving industry defines this as the peak and most expensive season for a move. Don’t schedule your move on a weekend or holiday when packers and loaders have to be paid overtime. The best time to move is in the middle of the week in any month outside the peak season. Finding the right mover will take from 6 to 8 weeks, but is time well spent. There are a number of different sources such as the yellow pages, local newspapers, the Internet, flyers, and recommendations from friends and family. while Choosing A Movers you have to accept following tips to help you make the selection such as:

  • Get at least three written estimates. Be sure to get them in person, rather than on the phone or Internet.
  • Ask to see a certificate of insurance showing all required insurance liabilities and verify that their license and certificate number is valid. 
  • Help the movers calculate the cost by showing them every single item to be moved. Reach a clear understanding of the estimate and all costs. 

Early in the moving process you should decide what items will be going to your new home and what things you want to dispose of. Gather up those things you don’t want and either donate them to a charity or consider having a garage sale. Arrange for the charity pickup and garage sale at least two weeks before your moving date. Start collecting suitable moving and packing supplies if you plan to do your own packing or partial packing. You can purchase these materials from any moving supply company. Getting boxes from other sources may create difficulties either with size or strength. Choosing A Movers is not a easy task u need to have a proper planning , we appreciate the value-both actual and sentimental-of your treasured belongings, and we handle each item with the same care and concern that has become this company’s hallmark. For your ease, comfort and convenience, we offer:

  • Free in-house estimates 
  • Professional packing services 
  • A full array of packing materials 
  • Curbside palletized storage 
  • Barcoding inventory system 
  • Specialized services, including
    – Piano moving and storage
    – In-house crating services
    – Stretch-wrap services