Atlanta relocation

Atlanta relocation is a full service moving company that specializes in the transportation and storage of household goods, computerized equipment, office and industrial equipment and other commodities. We serve individual customers, as well as corporations and various government agencies, in local, long distance and international moving, storage and distribution projects. We are more than just a relocation company. We are actively involved in the community, support many worthy causes and take pride in our employees’ well-being. Our corporate philosophy is apparent as you browse through our web site. We believe in our employees and our corporate structure is one that promotes an open door policy. We are a company you would like to work for, take a moment to fill out our on-line employment application.

Atlanta relocationAtlanta relocation can manage your move within the Atlanta. Our local fleet of trucks and experienced crew of American Moving and Storage Association “Certified Movers” are proud of our reputation as the Premier Mover in Atlanta. We look forward to helping you with your move. We will guide you through our pricing and service programs. A local move allows you to move within a 30-mile radius. Charges for a local move are based upon the number of men and the number of trucks needed to complete your move, as well as the time necessary to perform the move. By utilizing experienced movers and state of the art equipment, we are able to move you in an efficient manner, thereby minimizing the total charges.

Our Atlanta relocation rates vary depending upon such factors as day of the week and time of the year. In addition to the actual time that we are moving your belongings, there is a one-hour service charge for preparing our equipment and manpower for your move as well as drive time to and from your moving site. An intrastate move is one that moves more than 30 miles, but stays within the state. The charges are based upon the total weight of the items being moved. As a general gauge, a complete room of furniture can weigh as much as 1500 to 2000 pounds. For a frame of reference, a typical 2000 square foot home will average between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds. We are one of the premier commercial movers in Atlanta. We have a 10-year track record of successful service to many of Atlanta’s top corporations. Our goal is to create a partnership dedicated to having your facility back in production as quickly as possible.